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Small business reopening

How Businesses Can Use Smart Technology to Help Navigate Staff Shortages

From Wall Street to Main Street, business owners are starting to prepare and look toward the future as the pandemic turns endemic. Businesses across the United States are welcoming employees and visitors back into their restaurants, storefronts, and offices.

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How Security and Automation Can Help Restaurant Owners Lower Prices

When researching where to eat out for a meal, consumers often consider a few factors: personal recommendations, online reviews, and price. As menu prices continue to rise, people start to wonder where the increase is coming from. Restaurant owners know exactly where it comes from: the increase in cost of food, service, rent or mortgage, restaurant equipment, and more. ADT can help restaurants maximize the protection of food, people, and restaurant property —and in turn, help to minimize some of the costs associated with dining out for their customers.

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What does the 3G sunset mean for ADT customers?

Beginning this year, many of the U.S.’ largest wireless carriers will cease to operate their 3G networks and transition to LTE—this is also referred to as the 3G sunset. Why does this matter? Millions of consumers depend on 3G wireless connected devices, and when wireless carriers shut off this

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Protect Your Inventory Heading into the Holidays

This holiday season, many small businesses are hoping not to have a repeat of 2020’s woes. Unfortunately, it’s not looking good as supply chain delays and theft are on the rise, and nearly every sector has been affected, especially small and medium businesses.

CSVR Queue Monitoring

Turning Video Surveillance into Business Intelligence

Business owners likely already know that an alarm and surveillance system can help deter and investigate thefts and break-ins. But what they might not realize is that very same equipment in combination with a powerful business intelligence tool can provide them with critical insights,