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Hurricane Season Safety: ADT Provides Emergency Assistance & Peace of Mind to Disaster Preparedness App Users

Hurricanes in the North Atlantic have increased in intensity, frequency, and duration over the last four decades, and the cost of these disasters has skyrocketed in recent years. The impact and damage from hurricanes can extend from the coast to several hundred miles inland. Hurricanes are getting more powerful, and our preparedness efforts need to keep up. As important as it is to plan for days leading up to the storm, it is just as important to plan for the post-landfall recovery.

SoSecure Crash Detection

ADT’s Personal Safety App Can Now Detect Car Accidents and Automatically Send First Responders

As consumers continue to rely on more intuitive and interactive security products and services, ADT is expanding beyond the home to help deliver protection and convenience in more places. Already, ADT’s medical alert and fall detection has been credited with saving many lives, and now we are applying that same approach to automotive safety.

SoSecure by ADT's Newest Features

Meet Your Safety Sidekick That’s There 24/7

With personal health and safety being a high priority for everyone right now, ADT has recently added new SOS features to SoSecure, giving users more discreet ways to summon help than any other personal safety app. Our feature-loaded app ensures you get help fast – whether that’s sliding a button, SMS chat, video, or hands-free with voice.

ADT SoSecure

ADT Stands in Support of the AAPI Community

SoSecure can be an important tool for the AAPI community since the interface is graphical in nature, easy to use, and provides multiple ways to launch an alert to ADT. Our experienced monitoring agents are always there to help and can alleviate the stigma for people that are hesitant to call 911. Our agents can help a member of the AAPI community through a moment of reassurance or during a time where they need emergency help. It is a tool that is free to use and always with you, making it an important resource.


SoSecure Extends Professional Monitoring Beyond the Home – Protecting People Wherever They Go & Helping Bridge Critical Gaps in the 911 System

Changes in American labor and social culture have dramatically altered the way people interact with one another. ADT’s mission is to protect and connect people to what matters most—extending our trusted protection to customers outside of their homes is what led ADT to create SoSecure by ADT.