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Why Professional Monitoring is Still the Gold Standard

A growing number of consumers are buying home security systems and they are more likely to sign up for professional monitoring, according to new data from Parks Associates, a market research company that focuses on emerging consumer technology products and services.

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What ADT is Doing to Help Reduce False Alarms

Did you know that 98% of all alarms are false alarms? ADT introduced SMART (System Monitoring and Response Technology) which has already helped to reduce false alarms by 53% percent. Carie Small, Director of Operations, ADT SMART Monitoring, shares more details about SMART and what ADT is doing to help continue to reduce false alarms and make emergency response more impactful.

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Designing Security and Privacy Into ADT’s Products and Services

At ADT, we believe data is the fuel making smart home security systems safer, smarter and more helpful for our customers. Data will unlock next-generation features such as ambient, or

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ADT Modernizes Professional Security Monitoring for the Smart Home Era

Today’s smart home security systems have all the bells and whistles of modern convenience, from thermostats that keep homes comfortable without wasting energy to smartphone applications that allow people to lock and unlock their doors from halfway around the world.

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Smart Home and Security ‘Tied at the Hip’ in the ADT of Today and Tomorrow

Lights, locks, thermostats and cameras that can be controlled from practically anywhere through a smartphone app are part of today’s professionally monitored home security solutions from ADT. These and other smart devices integrate with traditional smoke and carbon monoxide detectors