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Jamie Haenggi, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer

Jamie Haenggi: A Pioneer for Female Leaders

With more than 30 years of experience in the security industry and more than half of that time in leadership positions, Jamie Haenggi understands the inner workings of the trade and serves as an integral pillar in the community. In her office there’s a plaque with the quote from Maya Angelou, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did – but people will never forget how you made them feel” – and that’s Jamie to a T.  Jamie is one of those special people who has the kind of energy that can motivate her team to run through a brick wall.

Mark Reimer

Why I Joined the Colorado Burglar and Fire Alarm Association

By: Mark Reimer, VP, Product Engineering When I first started working for ADT back in the early 2000s I purchased ADT systems for my family, including my 93-year-old grandma who was living alone in the same house she has lived in for the past 50 years.  One afternoon I received a call from an ADT

Small and Medium Businesses Post COVID

The New World of Security for Small and Medium Businesses Post-COVID

The pandemic era of the past year and a half created the perfect storm of challenges for small and medium businesses across many industries. While many struggled to keep their doors open and employees safe and healthy, others saw their life's work shuttered. And then there were those that thrived due to pivoting to digital, yet now face new threats online. As the country resumes ‘our new normal,’ it’s an ideal time for small and medium business owners to take a moment to reflect on how to best protect their employees, customers and businesses moving forward.

Jamie Haenggi, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer

Putting the Customer Front and Center at ADT

By: Jamie Haenggi, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer At ADT, we take immense pride in protecting our six-million customers. Successfully doing that (for nearly 150 years) means listening closely to those customers to build products and services that make them and their loved ones

ADT x harbor

Hurricane Season Safety: ADT Provides Emergency Assistance & Peace of Mind to Disaster Preparedness App Users

Hurricanes in the North Atlantic have increased in intensity, frequency, and duration over the last four decades, and the cost of these disasters has skyrocketed in recent years. The impact and damage from hurricanes can extend from the coast to several hundred miles inland. Hurricanes are getting more powerful, and our preparedness efforts need to keep up. As important as it is to plan for days leading up to the storm, it is just as important to plan for the post-landfall recovery.