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ADT News

ADT Health employee uses special gloves and glasses to simulate conditions related to aging during ADT Senior Sensitivity Training.

Special Training Equips ADT Health Agents with Empathy

We’re passionate about taking the extra steps to best serve our customers, bring them peace of mind, and help them feel safe. One ADT team that goes above and beyond to serve their unique customer base is ADT Health. As a team that serves mostly seniors, ADT Health agents undergo special training to enable them to provide the best service possible, grounded in empathy and understanding.

ADT SoSecure

ADT Stands in Support of the AAPI Community

SoSecure can be an important tool for the AAPI community since the interface is graphical in nature, easy to use, and provides multiple ways to launch an alert to ADT. Our experienced monitoring agents are always there to help and can alleviate the stigma for people that are hesitant to call 911. Our agents can help a member of the AAPI community through a moment of reassurance or during a time where they need emergency help. It is a tool that is free to use and always with you, making it an important resource.

Jatin Patel, Product Development Engineer at ADT

Inside the Secretive ADT Engineering Lab Where Testing is Life

Two miles away from ADT’s U.S. headquarters, tucked away in a one-story building – unremarkable among dozens of others in this Boca Raton, Fla., commercial office park – is the operation colloquially known among ADT’ers as the “ADT Engineering Lab.” The name on its door, at suite 10, says something different. The ADT Engineering Technology Center is one of those places most new hires at the Boca Raton, Fla.-based smart home security company hear about, but when asked, few will say they’ve ever been there.  It took me two years to get my invite, the result of several months of cajoling Mark Reimer, ADT’s VP of Product Engineering, into letting me come visit.


Protecting Pets from Home Fires

The unthinkable almost happened April 15 when Jane and her husband, Tony, left their cats home alone. Within minutes, an exposed wire in a dishwasher sparked a fire, filling the small house in a Detroit suburb with smoke. Fortunately, the home’s ADT monitored security system detected the fire and sent a signal to one of the company’s monitoring centers in Tennessee. It also alerted Jane and Tony through their mobile devices.


ADT #1 Smart Home Security Provider Five Years Running

For a fifth year in a row, ADT was named the #1 Smart Home Security Provider by research firm Strategy Analytics. ADT remained the largest provider with nearly 3.2 million interactive subscribers at the end of 2020, accounting for 20 percent of the U.S. interactive security market. ADT continues to protect and connect more customers with industry-leading solutions that make people’s lives safer and simple – at home, work and on the go.